The Project

Andrew St. Pierre White is a film maker. He creates overland travel films that inspire 150,000 subscribers to travel the world by 4×4. He had been managing the site himself.

When we first started working with Andrew, the site was the product of years and years of self-led tinkering. It had become very difficult to navigate and find videos to watch, and stacks of content had become lost to subscribers.

First and foremost, our goal was to make it easy for people to find videos to watch, and know what they had already seen.

So we went “Netflix” style.



Custom Development

Web Hosting

Maintenance & Support

Amazon AWS

Web Design


Netflix Style

We created a site where videos are accessible by series, by location, by topic, and by vehicle. Subscribers can make their own “watch later” playlist, and videos will automatically resume where the watcher left off. Viewers can rate videos, upgrade or downgrade their membership, and contact Andrew through a members’ only contact form.

Hosting & Streaming

Using traditional hosting to deliver hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of bandwidth would be absurdly expensive. So we got smart.

By automatically offloading video files to AWS s3 storage, and streaming via auto-scaling CDNs around the world, we’re able to build a blazing fast site that only uses the bandwidth it currently needs, which keeps the hosting bill to a minimum.

And from the site operator’s point of view, nothing changes – they simply upload the video as normal and our software takes care of the rest.


By using ACF we created a super simple way to create download links for files of different resolutions (4k, 1080p etc).

The priority was to make it even easier for the 4xOverland team to upload and create videos. Everything is handled from the wordpress back-end in one place.