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Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and challenge yourself with your software stack.

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Leading expert.

Hi, my name is Jake Lunniss and I am a leading expert in small business automation, process management and digital marketing.

Since 2014 I’ve helped over 1000 small businesses implement automation software. I’ve helped businesses automate complex workflows that have reduced their need for headcount, helped business owners flip their business model, and totally transform their lives in the process. 

And I’ve helped countless businesses improve their sales and increase their profitability with effective websites and simple, easy to use automation.


Useful marketing

I believe passionately that websites should DO something, not just be an online business card

Too many “digital marketers” focus solely on making things look cool. I guess I’ve just always thought that making more money from your business that requires less effort is way cooler

Creative in all aspects

In early 2013 I emigrated to Australia with $600, a push bike, and a holiday visa. One year later I was Director of APAC’s largest and fastest growing Infusionsoft Consultancy.

In 2014 I became Infusionsoft Certified. In 2015 my company was presented with an award for “fastest growth”. In 2016 I served on a committee at Infusionsoft, guiding the partner program and product development.

How? Basically, by building websites, digital marketing and automation systems that actually work! Systems that take a business like yours and make it GROW.

They richly deserve the recent accolades in terms of being the fastest growing partner in the Infusionsoft ecosystem. This would not have been possible unless they have continued to deliver transformational solutions to their clients as they have done with us.
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