Membership Sites

There’s a lot of buzz around “membership sites”, and with good reason. Done right they can utterly transform a business, and the life of the business owner. We’ve successfully launched enough membership sites to know just how transformative they can be, and here are my Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Membership Site.

  1. You can help more people.
  2. It makes it really easy for someone to be a repeat customer.
  3. It’s a value add that complements – or sells – your existing services.
  4. It is veryvery automatable.
  5. You can amplify your profit.

You can help more people.

I’m not one for fluff (unless it’s on a puppy). But one of my absolute favourite things about membership platforms is that they’re an amplifier.

One of my favourite clients (not that I have favourites… honest) is Aged Care Gurus. From my own experience watching my mum fight tooth and nail to have her mother cared for properly, I know that when an elderly family member is approaching or gone way past the need for care, it’s one of the most stressful, soul-crushing, miserable experiences a person can endure.

Aged Care Gurus champion the cause for quality aged care by educating professionals and family members on the ever-changing tides that are aged care regulations. Previously working in a close capacity with around 40 professionals, the membership site we built for them has allowed them to expand that capacity to hundreds.

And that’s only a good thing, because we’ll all be old one day.

And that’s why being able to amplify your effect on the world is the #1 reason you should consider a membership site.

It makes it really easy for someone to be a repeat customer, regardless of what you sell.

A membership site, at its essence, is any kind of website that requires a username and password. That includes sites like with thousands of online courses, but it also includes small online retailers selling make-up or… well, anything, really.

Let’s say you sell products online, through a shopify site. The first time someone makes a purchase, they create an account on your site. After this, any time they buy something else, it’s through this same account. This means they don’t have to re-input their address or payment information, so from the perspective of simply making things easier, it knocks that one right out of the park.

But wait…. there’s more!

Let’s say you sell a core product: razors, for shaving. Someone buys a razor. It’s going to need replacing soon, and now that you have their information, you can make it very easy for them – as easy as clicking a link in an email – to reorder. Nice, right?

But wait… there’s more!

What if they need shaving cream? Or a shaving brush? Or moisturiser? Aftershave? Right before their order is due to be dispatched, they can add items to their order with the same click of a link in an email!

For the record, Dollar Shave Club executed this better than anyone, ever, and were bought by unilever for $1B in cash. Not bad for $10 razors, right.

These principles work for most business models and products, not just ecommerce. Membership sites make it easy for you to retain and resell to existing customers.

Get a callback to help with your membership site.

Get a callback.

It’s a value add that complements – or sells – your existing services.

Cycling-Inform is one of our biggest membership site success stories.

David, a cycling coach, sells online programming. He also sells guided training camps in Victoria’s High Country, passing through the town I lived in.

The two products are the perfect cross sale.

  1. You’ve been doing David’s programs, and now you’re super fit? Do something with it in the High Country!
  2. You’ve been captured by some inspirational bug to ride the soaring peaks and valleys of Victoria’s beautiful High Country. Make sure you’re fit in time for the training camp!

Now that works if you’re selling complimentary products. But what if you’re not?

Well, let’s look at a service business that is a digital marketing agency.

Your core product, really, your only product, is managing facebook ad campaigns on behalf of your clients.

You can go down two routes: use a membership site to contain reports and statistics in a private area for your clients (streamlining operations and delivery), or you can create an education portal for your prospects, so they then learn how hard running ad campaigns really is, and hire your expertise to manage it for them.

Or, finally, let’s say you provide government accredited leadership courses to the RAAF (oddly specific example? They’re a client of ours!).

You decide to take your courses online to expand your capacity and reach. You then have hundreds of students logging into your Learning Management System (LMS) daily. And when they reach the end of their course, it’s really easy to sell them the next course, because they’re already in the door.

Would it be so easy if it was a classroom course? Open Door Coaching didn’t think so, and they invested in an LMS – and were proved right.

It’s very very automatable.

Technically automatable isn’t a word, but I’m sticking with it anyway.

Membership sites are the perfectly automatable product. While I would never recommend hiding behind a digital wall, you can automate literally everything except creating the content.

And when you’re talking about investing your time and effort and energy into developing a product, it makes sense to invest in something infinitely scalable.

And scalable is a word.

You can amplify your profit.

Finally, money. We’re in business afterall.

Just like a membership site can help you amplify your reach and help more people, it will also amplify your revenue.

And, even more importantly, amplify your profit.

Unless you’re a techxpert already, you’ll have to invest money in building your membership site. But once that’s done, it’s done. The running costs – hosting and software subscriptions – are incredibly cheap.

And that means more profit, not just more revenue.

David (from Cycling Inform) literally 5x’d his revenue with his membership site. And because around two thirds of this was from membership subscription, his profit soared. It’s one thing scaling your revenue by “doing more of the same”, but it’s another thing entirely to scale your profit.

If you play your cards right, membership sites are the perfect profit machine.

Starting at just $3500, our expert-built Infusionsoft-powered membership sites can transform your business.

Start changing your life, today.