The Meth-a-morphosis of Email Marketing

“You’re missing out” is the crank bug of email marketing. It’s crawling all over your inbox, and no matter how much you scratch, it keeps itching.

You’ve probably heard, read, or been told that scarcity is an excellent tactic to create a rush of sales.

It is.

Just look at Black Friday – a discount purchasing opportunity that is taking over the world as rapidly as it takes over the minds and sanity of the people rushing to get a third TV.

Unfortunately, scarcity is another sales tactic being misused by digital marketers.

There’s a significant difference between actual and manufactured scarcity.

Events with limited seating have actual scarcity, and an actual deadline. You don’t have to create scarcity, because it’s built into your product.

Digital Magazines do not have scarcity. Webinars do not have scarcity. So that means you’re forced to manufacture it, and there’s a strong probability that you’ll end up sounding like all the other gurus and “experts” out there who have no choice but to invent scarcity because their product can’t sell based on its merit.

If you need a rush of sales – and we all do from time to time – create a product that has actual scarcity built into it.

If you have an online course, turn it into a workshop. Do a limited edition print run. Do something that actually has limited supply.

Stop trying to tell people they’re missing out because they haven’t subscribed to a digital course yet. It’s digital… there’s no expiry date.

Amazon don’t sell ebooks with scarcity. And they have more money than you.


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