The staggering bullshit of “nurture your prospects”

I’ve never understood, dear reader, the concept of nurture marketing. It just doesn’t make sense to me to take an active lead, and intentionally not sell to them…

I’m sure the reason many are so attracted to it is because of the wall of separation it creates. Separation from your product. Separation from the anxiety of selling. Separation from the fear of rejection. And separation from its inevitable failure.

But after years and years of testing auto-responders with millions of emails, I know exactly when the best time to make an offer is: email one, day one.

And the second best time to make an offer is in the email they’re currently reading.

As I write this I’m in America (and falling deeply in love with Brooklyn), and everywhere I go I see businesses utterly unashamed to say what their product is, and how to buy it.

Everyone from street vendors to little independents to massive chains have all got it down pat.

The logic of nurturing just doesn’t make sense. The nonsense rolled out by Ryan Deiss and his ilk tell you to add value, add value, add value, add value, promote, sell… then add value, add value… and repeat the merry-go-round of bullshit.

This is in drastic contrast to literally every other purchasing experience. Every other retail experience combines education, promotion and sales.

Online sales has lost its head up its backside because of useless digital marketing experts who don’t understand the fundamentals of sales. Nay, who are afraid of the fundamentals of sales. Who’d rather add an email address to a never ending loop of “strategies” and “tactics” instead of just selling.

The legendary (read: highest performing, highest paid) copywriters of the world know this simple truth: selling online is no different to any other retail method.

Fortunately for us, so many people are copying the nurturing-fraidy-cats that it’s easier that ever to stand out above the crowd.

Stop nurturing, and be proud enough to sell.

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