Stand up for yourself.

Yesterday I had a brief conversation with a friend I’ve known for years.

In his field he’s one of the very best around. I’ll leave his name out of it to spare a few blushes, but he really is one of the best.

He asked me to review some copy, in which he’d described himself as “just another blogger”, when he is anything but.

Now, I understand the desire to not appear hubristic or arrogant. But there’s a huge difference between plainly stating facts, and being full of yourself.

It’s something we all struggle with – I certainly do.

But if we’re going to see any kind of success, we need to stand up tall and be proud of who we are and what we can do.

If you can’t even be proud of yourself, you can’t really expect anyone else to be.

As a break from the norm, I’m going to recommend someone else’s book for a change: Take Pride


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