Email Marketing

With billions (ok, 100s of millions. Maybe nudging a billion soon!) of emails sent to millions of contacts, our clients have experienced for themselves the 4300% ROI that a well executed email campaign can bring.

Email Strategy

A well executed email strategy is still the highest return on investment a business can make.

Your business is for your customers, and so is your email marketing. Starting with a laser focus on relevant audience behaviour, we find what makes your customers tick – and most importantly, respond.

Successful marketing of any kind requires a deep understanding of what your customer needs, wants, and where. This is where we start with all our clients, whether you’re a high volume sender or just dipping your toes in the water.

Creative Services

Entertaining copy? Check. Eye-catching design? Check. Sophisticated understanding of SPAM compliance? Check.

Our creative team are deeply knowledgeable of both the design and functional elements of successful email: everything we design rests on a deep understanding of both human psychology and the technical requirements the robots need.

“Just looking good” isn’t enough anymore: effective email design is about driving behaviour, and getting to the top of the inbox.

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Email Automation

We support clients on multiple platforms, most notably Infusionsoft, Maropost and Klaviyo. Our deep, deep knowledge of ESP (email sending platforms) and marketing automation software mean we know exactly which software will suit your business both now, and as it grows.

Campaign Management

Email isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Our retainer clients have the option to continually draw on our expertise by having us manage their campaigns, complete with graphic designers, copywriters and technical experts on tap.

Reporting and Analytics

Truly understanding the success of your campaigns means truly understanding what’s happening across all of your softwares. Our expertise allows us to understand data in the many places it lives – CRMs, Web Analytics, ESP, eCommerce, and pipeline management.

Looking at any one of these alone can create a false image of success – or doom and gloom – that isn’t an accurate portrayal.

Our retainer clients rely on us to create an accurate snapshot of their business as it really is, and we’re able to tell you what is and isn’t working, the KPIs you should be tracking to evaluate success, and where you should look to invest next.

Reporting and Analytics isn’t just about pretty graphs: it’s about having a clear picture of where you are, and continually optimising for further success.

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